Excess Reduction

Check the T&Cs to qualify for excess reduction

Choose your Insurer below. If your Insurer is not in the list below,
this is because they do not offer an excess reduction scheme.

We will agree to reduce the accidental damage excess in respect of any incident which may be the subject of a claim under the policy, provide that all of the following conditions are met;

  • The incident is notified within 12/24 hours
  • You use our approved repairers.
  • You do not report this incident to any other party (excluding police) or utilise another suppliers services other than Freeway UK Insurance appointed Claims Services
  • The following details are provided as a minimum – Reg number of any THIRD PARTY vehicle involved, Make and model of any THIRD PARTY vehicle involved, Name of any THIRD PARTY involved, Name and number of any passengers in your vehicle, contact telephone numbers of the Third Party(ies), any witness details & images of all vehicles involved in the accident

100% excess reduction for claims reported within 12 hours of the incident and the above conditions being met

50% excess reduction for claims reported within 24 hours of the incident and the above conditions being met. 


For all information please find your policy wording here 

To qualify for any Excess reduction with KGM, you must have a dash cam fitted. You will qualify for Excess reduction if dash camera footage is provided within 48 hours of any accident (either fault of non fault) then the compulsory policy excess will be waived. For more information please see policy wordings here 

Excess reduction for early reported accidents regardless of blame (Excluding fire, theft, flood, malicious damage and mechanical breakdown)

All claims notified to Aviva incident care claims team within 24 hours of the time of the accident will benefit from a £200 reduction in the policy excess as stated on the policy schedule. This reduction is only available where there is an identified Third Party and you are able to pass their details including a contact telephone number to the incident care team.

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