24 June 2020

Taxi Good News Round-Up

Tuk Tuks Could Soon Hit Monmouthshire (Gwent)

Tuk-tuk taxis could soon be hitting the streets of Monmouthshire. Under new plans, tuk-tuks will be operated on specially designated tour routes, allowing up to 2 passengers to see sites across the county in a unique way.

The news comes at a time when British staycations are expected to peak in the summer, with government officials currently advising against all but essential travel to foreign countries at this time of writing. Many are expecting staycations to be the first choice for Brits this year once lockdown restrictions are eased further.

However, there will be rules and limitations put in place to ensure the safety of both the passengers and the driver, including:

  • Vehicles will be limited to a maximum speed of 30mph
  • The tour services can only be used for special occasions and pre-booked services
  • Vehicles will not be allowed on motorways or dual carriageways
  • Children under 16 cannot be accompanied without an adult
  • Children under the age of 4 will not be permitted to ride, even with an adult on board
  • Passengers must wear a lap belt
  • Usage of the tuk tuks will be forbidden under certain weather conditions for safety reasons

Currently, very few places across the country offer specialised tuk-tuk services. However, tour  and taxi services are currently operated in Cardiff and the Isle of Wight.

Taxi Firm Boss Opens Kebab Shop and Employs Struggling Drivers

Taxi driving and cooking kebabs couldn’t be any more different if they tried. However, for drivers in the town of Burton, the latter has provided a much needed relief.

Abid Hussain, the owner of taxi firm Premier Cars in Station Street, Burton, decided to use the extra space at his firm’s office and convert it into a takeaway named Premier Kebab House. All of the employees at the kebab house are former employees of his taxi firm. This was to ensure all his drivers maintain a steady income during the pandemic crisis. Mr Hussain hopes his unique recipe for kebabs will give him an upper hand over rival kebab houses.

Mr Hussain, 39, said: “The taxi trade is really suffering, we are still doing our best for the community and offering free travel for NHS staff and key workers, but we still needed something to pay the bills and boost our income.”

“I had made plans to turn the extra space into a kebab shop, and in a way having a lot of time helped me to finalise the takeaway and get it up and running.”

“My drivers have been struggling to build a good income during the pandemic, so I decided to utilise 10 staff members and give them various roles in my new business. A few drivers are delivering the food, and the rest are helping prepare the food and take customer orders.”

“So far the response on social media and the customers has been really good. We have a lot of regulars who use our taxi service. They are very happy with a new kebab house opening in Burton.”


London taxi” by Neil Willsey, used under CC BY / Modified from original

Tuk Tuk Sight Seeing” by FaceMePLS, used under CC BY / Modified from original

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