9 June 2020

Top 7 Dash Cams For Cab Drivers

Whether you’re driving for Uber, Ola or Kaptin, or even in your own black cab, it is becoming more important each day to consider owning a dashcam. From recording potential incidents inside your vehicle, to recording anything around your vehicle, a dashcam can potentially be lifesaving.

What are the laws for dashcams?

Whilst every UK driver is free to use a dashcam in their vehicle, here are some important details you should know before you head on the road:

– A dashcam must not obstruct your field of vision when driving

– You MUST inform anyone riding your vehicle that you have a dashcam recording, failing to do so is considered a breach of privacy (this can be done verbally or through stickers placed on doors)

– Tampering with dashcam footage can potentially be a serious offence

– Dashcam footage can be used as evidence in the event of a court case


1. ORSKEY Dash Cam Front and Rear 1080P Full HD (4.5 stars)

Buy on Amazon for £29.99

Our list begins with the ORSKEY Dash Cam. For the cheap price of £29.99, this dual camera offers 1080p HD video on both the front and real cameras.

With a 170 degree wide angle camera, you can record at almost all angles and still retain great quality video.

Whilst it should be noted that the ORKSEY Dash Cam was not originally designed to record the inside of vehicles, it can be possible to do so by adjusting the rear camera to a position that can record seats indoors.


1080p HD video

170 degree wide-angle

Seamless loop recording

Super Night Vision

4.5 star rating on Amazon


2. Pruveeo D30H Dash Cam

Buy it on amazon.com for £65.05

This small dash cam comes equipped with a full HD front and back lens to ensure high quality video for playback. Each camera can also be rotated 180 degrees forwards and backwards, reducing the risk of being caught off by blind spots.

Its small design ensures there’s no vision obstruction when used, and with its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can access videos and photos from the camera without the need to remove your SD card.

With the Pruveeo dash cam, you can also record with the screen switched off if you want to avoid any distractions. Whilst the screen is off, a red light will remain to let you know the device is still switched on.

The Pruveeoo D30H does not come with an internal battery of its own, so it will have to be connected to the car’s power supply when in use.


1080p HD video recording

Built-In Wi-Fi

2” LCD screen

Infrared Night-Vision

Support for up to 128GB Micro-SD

4.5 star rating on Amazon


3. TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam FHD

Buy on Amazon for £69.99

Featuring dual rotatable 1080p HD cameras that simultaneously record both the inside and outside of your vehicle, this device offers high quality video for a cheap price! With a front camera that records the full road and captures each license plate of other cars, whilst capturing the actions of the driver and passengers, you can be sure you’re safe at almost all angles.

With seamless loop recording, this device will automatically overwrite the oldest footage and replace it with no videos, meaning you never have to worry about running out of storage on your SD cards.

Additionally, with Super IR Night Vision, and 24 hour Parking Monitor & Motion Detectors, you can be sure your vehicle will be safe all hours day and night.


1080p HD video

Super Night Vision

Seamless loop recording

180 degree rotatable cameras

3” LCD screen

4.5 star rating on Amazon


4. Blueskysea B2W Dual Lens Dash Cam

Buy on Amazon for £89.99

This dash cam comes equipped with a dual-cam that records both outside and inside your vehicle in 1080p HD quality. Invisible infrared cabin illumination allows high quality video of the inside of your cab no matter how dark it is.

Made specifically with the taxi in mind, this dash cam is extremely easy to install, with the choice of a simple suction cup, or 3M adhesive pads that stick to your front window.

A 32GB micro SD card comes included with the dash cam, though the device is capable of supporting 400GB max, allowing for approximately 30 hours of video.


2” LCD screen

1080p HD video

WiFi connectivity

Parking Mode

Backup power source

English language voice indicator

4.5 star rating on Amazon


5. AUTO-VOX A1 Streaming Media Mirror Dash Cam

Buy on amazon.com for £86.12

Clipping to your car’s front mirror, this dashcam uses a 1080p HD camera with a 270 degree rotating feature, allowing the driver to record high quality footage at almost all angles. The streaming mirror view offers a 4x wider view than most cameras.

With touchscreen capabilities, this allows you to adjust the camera’s settings with ease. This includes changing the video quality, adjusting sound, and loop recording time.

If your vehicle is hard wired to constant power, this device will also record automatically when in Parking Mode if it detects a collision.


9.88” screen

1080p and 720p screen resolution

Built-in microphone & speaker

4 star rating on Amazon


6. Z-Edge GPS Dash Cam

Buy on Amazon for £109.99

When it comes to ride-sharing and driving your taxi, the Z-Edge makes a great addition to your vehicle. The Z-Edge comes with dual cameras, both capable of recording 1080p HD video with high-quality sound. Both lens record at 150 degree angles, reducing blind spots to a great extent.

The device comes with GPS tracking, meaning your vehicle will be easy to locate in busy car parks, or even if you’re the victim of a car theft.

The Z-Edge also comes equipped with Motion Detection, where video recording automatically starts once motion is detected, and stops when there is no motion. Though motion detection is off by default, once turned on, it can be used as soon as the device is connected to a car charger.


Loop Recording

1080p HD video

Wide Dynamic Range

Comes with 32GB SD card

Supports up to 128GB storage

Super Night Vision

4 star rating on Amazon


7. Vantrue N4 Triple Lens Dash Cam

Buy on amazon.com for £211.20

The Vantrue N4 is, true to its name, a 3-channel dashcam, meaning you can record the road ahead, the vehicle interior, and the back of the road simultaneously. The front camera offers 155 degrees of visibility, whilst the interior and back cameras offer 165 and 160, meaning you’re covered at almost all angles whilst you’re on the road.

Each camera also uses specialised lenses to ensure high quality even when driving at night. Once your vehicle is hardwired, the dashcam will monitor your car 24 hours, automatically recording if it detects movements and collisions.

The Vantrue N4 can support up to 256GB on a Vantrue Micro SD card, however it is advised not to use a Sandisk or Transend card.


2.45” display

Built-in microphone and speaker

Type C USB port

MP4 video format

4.5 star rating on Amazon


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