1 April 2020

Taxi Drivers Reveal The Most Shocking Secrets They’ve Heard From Passengers

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When your job is to take passengers around all day, you’re bound to overhear some strange and interesting stories whilst working. Taxi drivers from around the world have come to Reddit to share their experiences overhearing bizarre stories.


“Business Trip”, eh?

One user shared:

I picked up this young, overly-affectionate couple that spent the entire trip making out in my backseat and telling each other that they loved each other. Cute.”

“So I drop off the couple and head on my way to pick up my next fare. I hear a phone ring in my backseat, realise it’s my previous passenger’s, and pick up the phone to let them know I have it and I’ll come back to drop it off.”

“Turns out it was the guy’s wife phoning to check in on him while he was on a business trip, which he was thoroughly enjoying with his mistress.”


Wedding Issues

Another Redditor writes:

One time I was driving a dude for a bit of a long trip. Was gonna take around 25-30 minutes. He wasn’t hammered, but definitely a bit drunk. It was late and he must’ve been feeling a bit down, so he confided in me and asked me for some advice.”

“He told me he’s madly in love with his fiancé’s best friend and he couldn’t back out now. He’d been with this girl 4 years, and engaged for 1, ready to be married in a few months.

It was pretty sad to hear, because it wasn’t just your average story. It was filled with a lot of subtle emotional and mental anguish. The guy went through about 5 years of ups and downs with his girl, and found an innocent friend and comfort in the best friend. After a few years, he developed feelings and it was just downhill from there.”

“Felt bad for the guy because he seemed like he was truly in love with his fiancé too, although he had strong feelings for this friend. He knew that going through with the marriage meant a lifetime of being around the friend and suppressing feelings, but also breaking it off meant that he lost the girl of his dreams. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and I hope he’s doing okay.”


The Secret Mother

A friend of mine picked up these two girls, let’s say Ashley and Emily, who were best friends going out to celebrate Emily’s birthday.”

“They were supposed to be going out downtown, but once they were both in the car Emily said was not in the mood and wanted to go back home.”

“Ashley was p***** because she was trying to do something nice for her best friend and the two were in a screaming match in my friend’s car.”

“He ended up dropping off Ashley first and on the way home Emily explained to him she didn’t want to go out because she is pregnant and Ashley doesn’t know.”


I Hope She Broke Up With Him

One user writes:

“Drove a cab for awhile on weekends while in college. I had dated this girl for about a month when she confessed she had a boyfriend in Germany. She told me all about him and that he was going to be moving in with her. Stopped seeing her. A few months later I picked up a drunk couple at a bar.”

“They’re all over each other, making out in the back. The guy is German. We drop off the girl, then he has me take him home. He starts telling me how he just moved here to be with his girlfriend, but she’s out of town for the weekend. He says foreign girls are easy cause they’re suckers for guys with accents and he cheats on his oblivious girlfriend all the time. Yep, it was the guy. I said nothing as I dropped him at Keri’s place. Always wondered what happened to them.”


Good Luck With That

One user shares:

A few months ago, I was called to pick up a twenty-something man at the local prison. He had been pulled over for DUI and had cooperated with the police during the sobriety tests. Unfortunately, he’d failed pretty much all of them.

When the police asked that he take a blood test, he flat-out refused. This did not sit particularly well with the police, and he was arrested, taken to jail, and had his driver’s license suspended. The police needed me to take him home, which was three towns away.

During the 35-mile trip, he made some phone calls, which I got to listen in on.

To grandma: without a license, he could no longer afford to keep his apartment, and so would be moving back in with her.

His mum: the lucrative government job offer that he’d just received had a “valid driver’s license required” clause.

To his friend: the only reason that he’d cooperated with the police at the start was so that they wouldn’t search his (currently impounded) car.

Also got to hear (several times) that the sobriety tests weren’t fair because the line they’d asked him to walk was on a slight hill. Also, it was cold and he was shivering, which naturally affected his balance. He figured that a lawyer could get him his license back.

I wished him good luck. The “your case doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance” part was left unsaid. He did not leave a tip.


A Good Old Time

One Redditor shares:

Not an uber driver but I have a story about a black cab driver I had once in London, once he found out I was from Brighton (gay capital of the UK) he presumed I was gay, then starts talking to me about gay friends I have, gay clubs, about how he used to live there, and basically about fifteen minutes in admits he has a wife but doesn’t love her and fancies some young fella.

Very awkward to say the least, but then he started asking more and more intimate questions, but on the positive I got a fiver knocked off my fare.


‘Fairway’ taxi at Tottenham Hale
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Dr Neil Cliftongeograph.org.uk/p/1933620

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