23 March 2020

How To Deal With Rude Passengers

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It’s the worst nightmare of every taxi driver. Dealing with rude passengers can be an extremely hard task, especially when you don’t know how much the situation will escalate.

Most passengers are extremely pleasant, but it only takes one to completely ruin your day. You may be wondering what your rights are for what you can and cannot do when it comes to dealing with rude passengers. This post is here to explain the do’s and don’ts of dealing with rude passengers.

Angry Passengers

We all have a rough day every once in a while. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself picking up a passenger that just can’t seem to smile. They may have already entered the taxi with a frown on their face, or they may start arguing with you during the journey.

When this happens, it’s important to always remain calm. If a passenger is ranting about something that has happened to them, or something they’re going through, show that you’re listening. Do not give advice, however, as unsolicited advice may provoke them to take their anger out on you.

Be on the passenger’s side, If they’re angry about something that happened, show sympathy and act as though you understand their side. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with them, this may help to make the journey more pleasant for you and your passenger.

If a passenger is getting argumentative with you, keep a calm voice and avoid saying anything that could escalate into a fight. Maintaining a calm voice may help to calm the passenger down. It is also important for both the safety of the driver and the passenger, as you will need to keep your focus on the road at all times.

If the passenger maintains a rude and argumentative attitude, you have a right to pull over and ask them to leave the vehicle.

Demanding Passengers

Some passengers seem to think of their drivers more as their personal servants who must obey their every command. Rather than greet the driver or ask them to go somewhere, they may start by stating their destination as if it were a demand and not a request. They may also make demands to turn the radio on or off

Maintain a friendly attitude with these types of passengers. Should they make a demand that would require you to break the law (such as speeding), be polite and explain why you will not be complying with said demand.

Drunk Passengers

Drunk passengers can be amongst the most difficult passengers for taxi drivers to take. Drivers have a duty of care for drunk passengers, so they are responsible for the safety and care of the passenger until they arrive home.

If possible, ask sober friends for the passenger’s destination address to ensure they don’t end up at the wrong place.

Keep vomit bags in your vehicle. That way, in the event that you feel they are about to throw up, there will be a much lower chance of the mess landing anywhere within your vehicle.

Drunk passengers can be very unpredictable. Some can be overly friendly, whilst others can become extremely aggressive when feeling agitated. For this reason, it is important to install a internal camera in your vehicle if possible. That way, if anything happens that leads to a potential lawsuit, you can use the footage taken from your internal camera as proof.

Fare Arguments

One of the most common arguments that occur in taxis is over the fare at the end of the journey. This usually happens as the passenger did not anticipate how much the journey would cost, or simply refused to pay the fare.

This can be avoided by giving the passenger a rough estimate of how much the journey is going to cost prior to driving off. This will give the passenger enough time to decide whether or not they are still going to take the journey, and to also see if they will have enough cash to cover the cost of the trip, or discuss alternatives such as paying by card, or stopping at a cash machine on the way.


The official taxi service of Zvartnots airport” by AeroArmenia, used under CC BY-SA 3.0 / Modified from original

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